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AS 1237.2:2016



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Tolerances for fasteners Washers for bolts, screws and nuts - Product grades A, C and F

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Establishes a selection of tolerances for use in the preparation of ISO product standards for punched plain washers of product gradesA and C, for use with bolts, screws and nuts of nominal thread diameters of from 1mm to 150mm inclusive.

This part of ISO 4759 specifies tolerances for flat washers of product grades A, C and F with nominal diameters of 1 mm to 150 mm inclusive, designed to be used in bolted joints in combination with bolts, screws, studs and nuts.This part of ISO 4759 may be applied to non-flat washers however it does not include all the tolerances related to these washers.It applies to non-captive and captive washers, and to standard and non-standard washers.It does not apply to dynamic disc springs.Washers of product grades F and A are intended to be used with bolts, screws, studs and nuts of product grades A and B; washers of product grade C are intended to be used with bolts, screws, studs and nuts of product grade C.NOTE The product grade refers to a specific tolerance range related to dimensional and geometrical characteristics (product grade F for fine tolerances, product grade A for precise tolerances, product grade C for large tolerances).Annex A presents tolerances taken from ISO 286-1 and ISO 286-2.

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Standards Relationship
ISO 4759-3:2016 Identical

Originated as part of AS 1237—1973.Revised and redesignated in part as AS 1237.2—2002.Second edition 2016. Originated as part of AS 1237-1973. Revised and redesignated in part as AS 1237.2-2002. Second edition 2016.

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