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AS/NZS 1576.1:2010


An Available Superseded Standard is one, which has been made available for a period of time although it has been formally superseded by another Standard. Its availability is maintained where it is referenced in legislation/regulations or in other Standards and its use should be restricted to where so referenced. No responsibility is taken by Intertek Inform as to the ongoing technical validity of such a Standard, the responsibility resting with the referencing authority.

Scaffolding General requirements
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Sets out design and operational requirements for scaffolding, except trestle scaffolding, portable ladder intended to be used as working platforms and elevating working platforms.

This Standard sets out design and operational requirements for scaffolding systems, scaffolding equipment and scaffolds. It also includes the specifications for catch platforms erected on scaffolds. The stairway details also apply to temporary stairways for use on a general construction site.Where specified, particular requirements of other parts of this series of Standards will take precedence over specific requirements of this Part.THE USE OF STANDARDS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY WHEN IMPORTING SCAFFOLDING EQUIPMENT AND/OR COMPONENTS MAY NOT RESULT IN COMPLIANCE WITH AS/NZS 1576 SERIES. DESIGN, PERFORMANCE AND/OR TEST CRITERIA MAY BE OF A LESSER LEVEL IN OTHER STANDARDS. IT IS IMPERATIVE TO ENSURE THAT A STANDARD FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY MEETS ALL THE REQUIREMENTS OF AS/NZS 1576 SERIES BEFORE REFERENCING SCAFFOLDING EQUIPMENT TO BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THIS STANDARD.NOTES:1 For the purposes of this Standard some types of equipment that incorporate temporary working platforms may not be considered to be a scaffold. Examples of these types of equipment may include the following:(a) Equipment covered in other standards, for example - (i) elevating work platforms, AS 1418.10(Int);(ii) mast climbing work platforms, AS 1418.16;(iii) portable ladders, AS/NZS 1892; and(iv) formwork constructed primarily to support concrete, AS/NZS 3610.(b) Stools under 1 m in height which may allow for height adjustment but do not require assembly prior to use.2 Trestle ladders are covered in the AS/NZS 1892 suite of Standards. Upon the review of AS/NZS 1576.5, trestle ladder requirements will be removed from the AS/NZS 1892 suite of Standards and incorporated into AS/NZS 1576.5.

978 0 7337 9435
Standards Australia

First published as part of AS 1576-1974.Revised and redesignated in part as AS 1576.1-1991.Jointly revised and designated as Joint Standard AS/NZS 1576.1:1995. Originally published as AS 1576 1974. Revised and redesignated in part as AS 1576.1 1991. Jointly revised and designated as AS/NZS 1576.1:1995. Second edition 2010.

AS/NZS 1576.5:1995 Scaffolding Prefabricated splitheads and trestles
AS/NZS 1892.5:2000 Portable ladders - Selection, safe use and care
AS 1418.16-1997 Cranes (including hoists and winches) Mast climbing work platforms
AS 14443.4-2003 Identification cards - Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards - Proximity cards Transmission protocol (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS 1831-2007 Ductile cast iron (Reconfirmed 2017)
AS/NZS 3679.1:1996 Structural steel Hot-rolled bars and sections
AS/NZS 4680:2006 Hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles (Reconfirmed 2017)
AS 1576.4-1991 Scaffolding - Suspended scaffolding
AS 1444-2007 Wrought alloy steels - Standard, hardenability (H) series and hardened and tempered to designated mechanical properties (Reconfirmed 2017)
AS/NZS 1734:1997 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Flat sheet, coiled sheet and plate (Reconfirmed 2020)
AS/NZS 2269.2:2007 Plywood - Structural Determination of structural properties - Evaluation methods
AS/NZS 1170.2:2002 Structural design actions Wind actions
AS/NZS 1866:1997 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Extruded rod, bar, solid and hollow shapes (Reconfirmed 2020)
AS 2074-2003 Cast steels
AS 3610-1995 Formwork for concrete
AS/NZS 1170.0:2002 Structural design actions General principles
AS 1577-1993 Scaffold planks
AS/NZS 4792:2006 Hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coatings on ferrous hollow sections, applied by a continuous or a specialized process (Reconfirmed 2017)
AS 1832-2007 Malleable cast iron (Reconfirmed 2017)
AS 1391-2007 Metallic materials - Tensile testing at ambient temperature
AS 1720.1-1997 Timber structures Design methods
AS 1170.4-2007 Structural design actions Earthquake actions in Australia (Reconfirmed 2018)
AS 3610 Supp1-1995 Formwork for concrete - Blowhole and colour evaluation charts (Supplement to
AS 14443.3-2003 Identification cards - Contactless integrated circuit(s) - Proximity cards Initialization and anticollision (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS/NZS 4600 SUPP 1:1998 Cold-formed steel structures - Commentary (Supplement to AS/NZS 4600:1996)
AS 2759-2004 Steel wire rope - Use, operation and maintenance
AS 4142.2-1993 Fibre ropes Three-strand hawser-laid and eight-strand plaited
AS/NZS 4357.0:2005 Structural laminated veneer lumber Specifications (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS 2423-2002 Coated steel wire fencing products for terrestrial, aquatic and general use (Reconfirmed 2021)
AS 14443.1-2003 Identification cards - Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards - Proximity cards Physical characteristics (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS/NZS 1576.2:2009 Scaffolding Couplers and accessories
AS 1720.4-2006 Timber structures Fire resistance for structural adequacy of timber members
AS 1833-2002 Austenitic cast iron
AS 1874-2000 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Ingots and castings (Reconfirmed 2018)
AS/NZS 1665:2004 Welding of aluminium structures (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS 3610 SUPP 2-1996 Formwork for concrete - Commentary (Supplement to AS 3610-1995)
AS/NZS 1554.1:2004 Structural steel welding Welding of steel structures
AS/NZS 4600:2005 Cold-formed steel structures
AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 Portable ladders Metal
AS 4750-2003 Electrogalvanized (zinc) coatings on ferrous hollow and open sections (Reconfirmed 2017)
AS/NZS 2269.1:2008 Plywood - Structural Determination of structural properties - Test methods
AS/NZS 1892.3:1996 Portable ladders Reinforced plastic
AS/NZS 1594:2002 Hot-rolled steel flat products (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS 1418.10(INT)-2004 Cranes, hoists and winches Elevating work platforms
AS 1170.4 SUPP 1-1993 Minimum design loads on structures (known as the SAA Loading Code) Earthquake loads - Commentary (Supplement to AS 1170.4-1993)
AS/NZS 1664.2:1997 Aluminium structures Allowable stress design (Reconfirmed 2020)
AS 1892.2-1992 Portable ladders Timber (Reconfirmed 2022)
AS 4100-1998 Steel structures (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS 3569-2010 Steel wire ropes - Product specification
AS 1720.2-2006 Timber structures Timber properties
AS 3610.1-2010 Formwork for concrete Documentation and surface finish
AS 2321-2006 Short-link chain for lifting purposes
AS 4100 SUPP 1-1999 Steel structures - Commentary (Supplement to AS 4100-1998)
AS 14443.2-2003 Identification cards - Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards - Proximity cards Radio frequency power and signal interface (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS/NZS 1163:2009 Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections
AS/NZS 2269.0:2008 Plywood - Structural Specifications
AS/NZS 1576.3:1995 Scaffolding Prefabricated and tube-and-coupler scaffolding

AS/NZS 1576.2:2016 Scaffolding Couplers and accessories
AS/NZS 1577:2018 Scaffold decking components
AS/NZS 1576.4:2013 Scaffolding Suspended scaffolding
AS 4431:2019 Safe working on new lift installations in new constructions

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