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AS/NZS 4291.1:1995


A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

Mechanical properties of fasteners Bolts, screws and studs
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Specifies materials, mechanical properties and marking requirements for steel bolts, screws and studs of property classes from 3.6 to 12.9 with ISO metric coarse and fine pitch threads and diameters up to and including 39 mm. The property class system is explained and recommended test programs for acceptance are given. Identical with and reproduced from ISO 898-1:1988.

This part of ISO 898 specifies the mechanical properties of bolts, screws and studs when tested at room temperature (see ISO 1). Properties will vary at higher and lower temperature.This part of ISO 898 applies to bolts, screws and studs- with nominal thread diameter d 39 mm (coarse and fine pitch);- with triangular ISO thread according to ISO 68;- with diameter/pitch combinations according to ISO 261 and ISO 262;- with thread tolerance according to ISO 965-1 and ISO 965-2;- of any shape;- made of carbon steel or alloy steel.It does not apply to set screws and similar threaded fasteners (see ISO 898-5).It does not specify requirements for such properties as- weldability;- corrosion-resistance (see ISO 3506);- ability to withstand temperatures above +300 C or below -50 C.NOTE - The designation system of this part of ISO 898 may be used for sizes outside the limits laid down in this clause (e.g. d > 39 mm), provided that all mechanic al requirements of the property classes are met.

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Standards Relationship
ISO 898-1:1988 Identical

Under Revision See DR 97081 First published as AS/NZS 4291.1:1995.

AS 1817-1991 Metallic materials - Vickers hardness test
AS 1554.3-1983 Structural steel welding (known as the SAA Structural Steel Welding Code) - Welding of reinforcing steel
AS 1391-1991 Methods for tensile testing of metals
AS 1816-1990 Metallic materials - Brinell hardness test
AS 1815-1991 Metallic materials - Rockwell hardness test
AS 1721-1985 General purpose metric screw threads

AS 2294.2-1997 Earth-moving machinery - Protective structures - Laboratory tests and performance requirements for roll-over protective structures
AS 2294.3-1997 Earth-moving machinery - Protective structures - Laboratory tests and performance requirements for falling-object protective structures
AS/NZS 2451:1998 Bolts, screws and nuts with British Standard Whitworth threads (rationalized series)
AS/NZS 1390:1997 Cup head bolts with ISO metric coarse pitch threads (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS/NZS 1393:1996 Coach screws - Metric series with ISO hexagon heads (Reconfirmed 2016)
AS/NZS 1427:1996 ISO metric machine screws
AS/NZS 1252.1:2016 High-strength steel fastener assemblies for structural engineering - Bolts, nuts and washers Technical requirements
AS/NZS 1252:1996 High-strength steel bolts with associated nuts and washers for structural engineering
AS/NZS 1420:1996 ISO metric hexagon socket head cap screws
AS/NZS 1559:1997 Hot-dip galvanized steel bolts and associated nuts and washers for tower construction
AS/NZS 4291.2:1995 Mechanical properties of fasteners Nuts with specified proof load values - Coarse thread
AS 1085.4-1999 Railway permanent way material - Part 4: Fishbolts and nuts
AS/NZS 1111:1996 ISO metric hexagon commercial bolts and screws
AS/NZS 1110:1995 ISO metric precision hexagon bolts and screws
AS/NZS 4291.5:1995 Mechanical properties of fasteners Set screws and similar threaded fasteners not under tensile stress

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