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BS 6762-2:1991


The latest, up-to-date edition.

Services for leisure accommodation vehicles and transportable accommodation units Code of practice for the installation of solid fuel fired heating in park homes and transportable accommodation units
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Published date


Committees responsible
Code of practice
1. Scope
2. Definitions
3. Ventilation
4. Appliance output
5. Materials and components
5.1 General
5.2 Chimneys and appliance connections
5.3 Fuel storage
6. Installation
6.1 Siting of appliances
6.2 Appliances
6.3 Pipework
6.4 Air for combustion
6.5 Draught stabilizers
6.6 Ventilation of appliance enclosures
6.7 Protection of combustible material
6.8 Hearth
6.9 Chimney
6.10 Chimney terminal
6.11 Protective casing
6.12 Dampers
6.13 Accessibility of chimney assembly
7. Warning plate
7.1 Fitting
7.2 Wording
7.3 Size of lettering
8. Users' handbook
8.1 Information on operation, maintenance and safety
8.2 Maintenance and general instructions for the
8.3 Operating instructions for the occupant
8.4 Safety precautions for the occupant
A. Test for determination of temperature of adjacent
     combustible material
B. Calculation of hot face temperature and additional
     insulation thickness
1. Temperature readings of sensors in deg C
1. Diagrammatic representation of weathering at
     penetration of roof by combined chimney unit
2. Diagrammatic plan of appliance enclosure and hearth
3. Digrammatic representation of weathering at
     penetration of pitched roof and flat roof by
     factory-made insulated chimney
4. Diagrammatic section through appliance enclosure
     and hearth
5. Heat flow

Recommendations for the installation of closed heating appliances of up to 44 kW rated output that burn smokeless fuel. Covers room heaters, with or without boiler, cookers with integral boilers, and independent boilers that provide heating and hot water.

This Part of BS 6762 gives recommendations for the installation in park homes and transportable accommodation units of closed heating appliances having a rated output of up to and including 45 kW, burning solid smokeless mineral fuel and fitted with factory-made insulated chimneys or combined chimney units. It covers room heaters, with or without boiler, cookers with integral boilers and independent boilers that provide heating or hot water. It covers safety precautions and includes details of relevant sizes. It does not cover the installation of open fires.

NOTE The titles of the publications referred to in this standard are listed on the inside back cover.

Supersedes 86/12565 DC and BS 5601-2(1978) (09/2005) Reviewed and confirmed by BSI, November 2008. (11/2008)
British Standards Institution

BS 6767-2:1998 Transportable accommodation units Recommendations for design and installation of services and fittings with guidance on transportation, siting and aspects relating to habitation
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BS 3632:1995 Specification for residential park homes

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BS 6492-1:1984 Transportable accommodation units Recommendations for design and construction

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