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AS/NZS 1050.16:1994



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Methods for the analysis of iron and steel Determination of sulfur content - Infrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace (Reconfirmed 2017)

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Specifies an infrared absorption method after combustion of the test portion at high temperature in a current of pure oxygen using a high frequency induction furnace. The method can be used for the determination of sulfur content between 0.002 percent and 0.10 percent in steel. This Standard is identical with and reproduced from ISO4935:1989.

This International Standard specifies an infrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace for the determination of sulfur content in steel and iron.

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Reconfirmed 20/01/2017.This standard has been reconfirmed in Australia in 2017 and remains current in New Zealand. Reconfirmation Notice 20/01/2017
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Standards Relationship
ISO 4935:1989 Identical

First published as Joint Standard AS/NZS 1050.16:1994.Reconfirmed 2017. First published as Joint Standard AS/NZS 1050.16:1994.

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