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UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015



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Quality management systems - Requirements (ISO 9001:2015)

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Spanish, Castilian, Catalan, English, French, Basque, Galician, Irish

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CTN 66/SC 1
Supersedes UNE EN ISO 9002 and UNE EN ISO 9003. (07/2003)
Asociacion Espanola de Normalizacion

UNE 66174:2010 Guide for the assessment of management system standard for the sustained success of an organization according to UNE-EN ISO 9004:2009
UNE 104427:2010 Synthetic materials. Application. Lining systems for water reservoirs used for irrigation purposes or water storage with waterproofing geomembranes made out of polyethylene (PE)
UNE 66181:2012 Quality management. Quality of virtual education
UNE 178303:2015 Smart Cities. City asset management. Specifications.
UNE 36066:2011 Wire-rod of non alloy steel used for cold forming of plain or ribbed wire for the reinforcement of concrete
UNE 48287:2017 Paint and varnishes. Intumescent coatings systems for the protection of the structural steel. Application guidelines
UNE 36901:2016 Iron and steel sustainability management systems. Requirements.
UNE 179001:2011 Quality in dental surgeries and dental services. General requirements.
UNE 66926:2012 Quality management systems. Particular requirements for the application of UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 to technical centers of digital tachographs.
UNE 80407:2014 Metrological control of measuring equipment used in the cement test
UNE 200008:2018 IN Qualification of technical and management personnel in the field of Dependability and Industrial Safety engineering (RAMS Engineer)
UNE 19601:2017 Management system for criminal compliance. Requirements with guidance for use.
EA 0031:2013 Risk management system.

ISO 10001:2007 Quality management Customer satisfaction Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations
ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems
ISO 10015:1999 Quality management Guidelines for training
ISO/TR 10017:2003 Guidance on statistical techniques for ISO 9001:2000
ISO 31000:2009 Risk management Principles and guidelines
IEC 61160:2005 Design review
ISO 10019:2005 Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services
ISO 10004:2012 Quality management Customer satisfaction Guidelines for monitoring and measuring
ISO 10014:2006 Quality management Guidelines for realizing financial and economic benefits
ISO 10005:2005 Quality management systems Guidelines for quality plans
ISO 10008:2013 Quality management — Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for business-to-consumer electronic commerce transactions
ISO 10003:2007 Quality management Customer satisfaction Guidelines for dispute resolution external to organizations
ISO 10006:2003 Quality management systems Guidelines for quality management in projects
ISO 10018:2012 Quality management Guidelines on people involvement and competence
ISO 10002:2014 Quality management Customer satisfaction Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations
ISO 9004:2009 Managing for the sustained success of an organization A quality management approach
ISO/TR 10013:2001 Guidelines for quality management system documentation
IEC 60300-1:2014 Dependability management - Part 1: Guidance for management and application
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems — Requirements with guidance for use
ISO 10012:2003 Measurement management systems — Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment
ISO 37500:2014 Guidance on outsourcing
ISO 9000:2015 Quality management systems — Fundamentals and vocabulary
ISO/IEC 90003:2014 Software engineering Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2008 to computer software
ISO 10007:2017 Quality management — Guidelines for configuration management

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